State Budgetary Institution “Moscow city trust for geological, geodesic and cartographic works”


is one of the largest surveying organizations in Russia and official geological, geodesic and cartographic information provider and geocontent aggregator of Moscow.


Mosgorgeotrest is

one of the best surveying organizations in Russia,
winner of: - F. N. Krasovsky award as one of the best scientific and technical developer in the field of geodesy and cartography, - "Golden Drill" award in the field of horizontal drilling,
recipient of the I and III degrees diplomas at the International Cartographic Exhibition,
holder of conformity and permission certificates allowing to use the "Mark of conformity for voluntary product certification", as well as the "Employer trust certificate" for guaranteed compliance of the labor rights.


Any building project is based on information about the place of future construction, its topography, geology, and infrastructure... In such a large metropolis as Moscow, this kind of information is of paramount importance. For more than 75 years one of the most sustainable organisations of capital construction alliance - Mosgorgeotrest - has been making Geodata available.

Geodesic, geological surveying, cadastral works, building structures investigations are offered to the developers among more than 50 services at the stages of project design, construction and exploitation.

Thanks to the largest fleet of drilling equipment in the capital, high-class geodetic service, its own production base and laboratories the organization is able to maintain up to 1000 projects of both municipal and commercial significance simultaneously.


Geodesists and cartographers of the organisation have created Unified cartographic groundwork for Moscow – the basic work tool for all project, architecture and construction companies in the city.


The organization was founded in
Quantity of main activity fields
more than 50
Quantity of offered services and works in the construction sector
more than 1900
Quantity of employees


The first large-scale Atlas of Engineering and Geological maps of Moscow was created on the basis of Mosgorgeotrest geological surveying results. It provides a clear idea of the city's geological environment and serves as a safe and cost-effective construction guarantee.

Since 2015 Mosgorgeotrest has been conducting a Consolidated plan of Moscow underground engineering infrastructure – a kind of the city underground "map". It is aimed to assist speeding up the design process and connection of new facilities to the city's engineering networks.


Since 2000 Mosgorgeotrest has been undertaking remote monitoring of Moscow's territory from the air. Regular aerial photography and its results processing allow to update maps quickly, to monitor the environmental situation and the actual land use in the capital.

The organisation has accumulated a unique archive of engineering survey materials of Moscow. It keeps the city's famous building projects history - from the Stalinist high-rises to the Moscow city skyscrapers, from the Rowing channel to Zaryadye Park. Mosgorgeotrest plans in the nearest future to transform two-dimensional maps into new digital formats for their further use in BIM design. Regarding these plans specialists of new professions – quadrocopter pilots, 3D-designers, Big Data model developers - are coming to the staff… Mosgorgeotrest is changing and growing, but it remains a source of reliable, relevant and accurate data for Moscow construction in the future.

On the 8th of February, 2017, Mosgorgeotrest - State Unitary Enterprise of the city of Moscow - has been transformed into the Moscow State Budgetary Institution “Moscow city trust for geological, geodesic and cartographic works” (SBI “Mosgorgeotrest”).


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mosgorgeotrest is Alexander Serov (from 2012 to the present)


An additional office of Mosgorgeotrest opened on the territory of New Moscow (TINAO)
Geological maps of 1:25,000 scale were created for the territory that was annexed to Moscow in 2012
Mosgorgeotrest received a "Employer trust certificate" for guaranteed compliance of labor rights
Mosgorgeotrest became an organization authorized by the Moscow Government to maintain a Consolidated plan of Moscow underground engineering infrastructure
The organization won the “Golden Drill” award in the field of horizontal drilling