The underground space of Moscow is overloaded with various wires and pipes. Today, more than 200,000 underground objects are registered in the Unified State Register of Property Rights. Their total length exceeds 130,000 km. Collected in a super-dense network underground, they require accounting and control.


In 2015 the Moscow Government adopted a resolution "On the procedure for creating and maintaining a Consolidated Plan of Moscow Underground Engineering Infrastructure". In accordance with this resolution The state budgetary institution "Mosgorgeotrest" is authorized to maintain a Consolidated Plan of Underground Engineering Infrastructure of Moscow.



The creation of the Consolidated Plan was carried out step by step: from digitization of archival documents to the inclusion of modern materials of engineering and geodetic surveying into the plan.

To create a Consolidated Plan of Moscow Underground Engineering Infrastructure, more than 300 thousand documents accumulated since 1944 were digitized from the archive.

An important part of maintaining the Consolidated Plan is keeping it up to date. New communications are constantly being laid in Moscow, existing ones are being reconstructed or decommissioned, that’s why new projects are to be checked by specialists of Mosgorgeotrest for compliance with the Consolidated Plan. It is important not to disrupt the integrity of existing networks.

The Consolidated Plan of Moscow Underground Engineering Infrastructure displays all the possible information about existing and projected underground networks and structures in the capital.

This information resource ensures the safety of the city communal services and improves the investment climate, assists designers to speed up the project documentation development, to reduce the time of engineering surveying and simplify the connection of new facilities to the city engineering networks.